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Serpent's Whisper

Serpent's Whisper

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Introducing "Serpent's Whisper" – a set of press-ons that blend romance and intrigue. Each nail whispers stories of alluring darkness and charming secrets as elegance stands side-by-side with a soft gothic vibe. Let the mysterious beauty and loving sentiment captivate you, as it's made for those who revel in shadows and find their passion in nightfall whispers. "Serpent's Whisper" – where romance intertwines with magic, creating a seductive, bewitching atmosphere. Unleash your wild side and flaunt your style with glimmering snakes, silver crosses, and a heart-shaped diamond nestled in shimmering chains. Make a bold statement with each graceful movement of your hands.


  • Apply:
    • Use the cuticle stick to refine nail edges. Buff and polish your nail surface with the nail file for a better fit, then clean with the alcohol Prep pad.
    • Apply an even layer of glue to natural nails or use adhesive nail tabs. Do not directly apply nail glue to cuticles or surrounding skin.
    • Align Nailo nails with the cuticle line and place them at a 45-degree angle. Press firmly for 15 seconds, ensuring any air pockets are pressed out. Avoid water for the next 2 hours.
    • If needed, shape the nails with the provided file.


  • Remove:
    • Soak nails in warm water for 10 minutes or until glue loosens.
    • Gently peel Nailo nails starting from the side. Do not force removal, re-soak nails if required.
    • Remove any excess glue using a buffer and moisturize hands after.


  • Kit Includes: Removable Nail Tabs + Nail Glue (2ml / 0.07 fl. Oz) + Nail File + Cuticle Stick + Alcohol Pad
  • Adhesive Nail Tabs are a perfect alternative to traditional nail glue. The tabs are ideal for short-term wear and are easily removable. Switch between different press-on nail styles with ease!
    • UP TO 3 DAY WEAR
  • Warning: Keep away from children. Do not apply to damaged or infested nails.
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